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Services - Mind The Value

The Scope of services encompasses digital strategy, experience design, and product management, from the very first powerful idea to its excellent execution.

Skills & services

Dominant organisational structures as well as leadership and business models find themselves in a lock-in. Dynamics challenge businesses to develop strategies to orient and organize transformation in complex systems in the context of broader societal and ecological transitions. What does this imply for organisations? How can they deal with the uncertainties and how can they become a resilient frontrunner for thriving business?

As a transformation strategist, my mission is to help create powerful strategies for a sustainable future – and to grow the impact for all: people, our environment, and businesses. Defining and designing resilient strategies and organisations, and leading with purpose are my true passions. More specifically: to solve economic, ecological and social challenges through human-centered insights, system thinking, and holisitic approach.

MindTheValue offers its clients a better understanding of people and their cultural context, societal challenges and helps to develop strategies that give long-term clarity of purpose. I do this on the basis of qualitative research, systemic exploration and informed synthesis to deliver high quality, impact oriented support to transformative organisations. My scope of services encompasses the following topics:

Purpose: Developing Organizational Transformation
Transformative Purpose Exploration & Ingraining • Transformational and Introverted Leadership • Organizational Resilience • Transformation Design • Strategic Communication • Brand Strategy • Corporate Storytelling

Strategies with Impact: Developing Sustainable Corporate Strategy
Robust Sustainable Corprotate Strategies • Contradiction Management • Contextual Adaption • Lean Strategy • Resilient Business Models

Making Sense: Understanding People, Contexts & Meaning
Applied Cultural Anthropology • Human- and system-centered Insights • Socio-Cultural Trend & Pattern Analysis • Service Design & Innovation Methods • Sustainable Innovation Development • Re-Framing • Ecosystem Mapping

I collaborate with forward-thinking people to develop transformative strategies and organizations that have a positive impact. I am interested in human behavior, cultural practices, sustainable business development, societal transitions and digital technology. I leverage this knowledge to inspire and empower a sustainable-driven future and its huge opportunities.


Three ways to engage with me


Thrive with qualitative research, organizational purpose, sustainable strategic development, and resilient business modelling.


Jumpstart the transformative change and leadership with purpose, new perspectives and approaches to gain strategic insights.


Ingrain business transition, sustainable transformation and a thriving mindset in-company in order to make impact.

Interested in working with me?