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Mind The Value - consulting by Britta M. Moser

Mind The Value is an independent experience design & digital strategy think tank that operates where true customer-centric value is built: at the intersection of ethnographic research, empathic experience design, business economics and digital expertise.

What does meaning come from? It comes when you feel that you’re somehow improving the lives of others through your work, either by reducing suffering or increasing pleasure.
— Alain de Botton

Experience • DIGITAL • strategy

Mind the Value is an independent experience & digital strategy think tank. I conceptualize unique services, experiences and ecosystems - and holistic strategies that bring solutions to specific customers' needs to life and make sustainable change happen. As a brand and business strategist with a digital as well as cultural anthropology background, I combine strong focus on human- and system-centered insights, experience building, digital services and strategic design - always pursuing value and innovation, functionality and authenticity, resilience and sustainable development.


In our era characterized by velocity of change, digital disruption, diversity of competition and excess of information, unique positioning and identity are essential to inspire and engage customers and stakeholders, to stand out in the market and to get ahead at innovation. A smart company invests in understanding itself and the world around it – connecting the dots between people, culture and identity. Finding shelter and direction, it's able to unlock its own potential. 


Clear vision and values are the key to meaningful services and products – and the successful future of a business.
A clear vision is the groundwork forresponsible business culture and manifests itself in an effective and resilient strategy. Only a distinct set of values leads to ethical and sustainable development. And only by understanding meaningful experiences and perceptions you're able to excel at innovation and implementation.


To understand the value of sustainability for businesses in the changing paradigm of resources and globalization, it's critical to take a perspective that's interdisciplinary in its nature and draws on socio-cultural, economic, and sustainable innovation led knowledge. A strategic approach helps to recognize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of environmental, economic, ethical, and social systems – and to apply this power to provide new, resilient business solutions and to create true value.



You need strategic INSIGHTS and conceptual expertise in The digital era? You think your BUSINESS or BRAND needs identity and direction? You Want to offer your Clients a value proposition that really fits their Customers' needs? You BiGGEST Challenge is to start into a sustainable future?

I'll be pleased to help you.