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Mind The Value - consulting by Britta M. Moser

Mind The Value is an independent digital transformation & sustainable development think tank that operates where true human-centric value is built: at the intersection of ethnographic research, service design, business economics and digital expertise.

purpose-to-impact: digital • sustainable • PEOPLE

MindTheValue is about exploring and ingraining purpose & strategic transformation in organizations. I help companies to merge the three decisive levels of transformation: digitalization, sustainable business development, and people. I help exploring the purpose of an organization and bringing it to life. In order to energize an organization and to ensure its resilience, I develop robust corporate strategies and help to understand and shape organizational culture and surrounding systems with a holistic view. Due to my digital strategy as well as cultural anthropology background, I focus on human-centered insights, transformational leadership, and service design thinking - always pursuing valuable and actionable impact, sustainable innovation and transformation. Why sustainable? Because I believe we can turn the sustainability imperative into the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity for our generation and the generations to come.


You want to be part of the future of business?  In an era characterized by velocity of change, digital disruption, diversity of competition and excess of insecurity, a smart company invests in understanding itself and the world around it – connecting the dots between people, context, and meaning. Finding purpose and direction, it is able to unlock its own potential, engage stakeholders and get ahead at integrity and innovation. What restricts many companies from being truly resilient and innovative is how they think about, talk about, and engage with people. Understanding as much as possible about people and your own purpose is essential, as it is the only way to understand the context in which your business touches employees’ and consumers’ lives. And it’s about being strategic by embedding these insights to the implications for the problem at hand in order to create a thriving world. Only by understanding meaningful experiences and purpose-driven impact you're able to excel at innovation and implementation.


Being successful when everything is in constant change, when digital is transformational, when power shifts? 
Digital transformation is about finding your space in crowded and convergent markets – and being aware of societal and planetary needs: making sense of how the inside culture as well as the outside world are changing, identifying real needs and environmental challenges, opportunities and possibilities. Clear vision and values are the key to meaningful strategies to pivot to a digitally savvy AND sustainable business. It is the groundwork for a responsible business culture and manifests itself in robust strategy and resilient organisations.
Digital is by its nature enabling anyone to have an impact. It inspires us to shape the future and to build better solutions and organizations, but in a sufficient, efficient, consistent, and collaborative way. However, digital transformation is not a process that leads to greater sustainability or social cohesion by itself. If we do not focus on sustainability, we will only accelerate the problems. We need to make our society more resilient and be guided by the Earth system's guard rails.


The debate is over. Businesses can contribute to the greatest challenges facing society and our planet, and deliver profitable development while doing so. Indeed, they must.  
To understand the value of sustainability for businesses in the changing paradigm of resources and globalization, it's critical to take a perspective that's interdisciplinary in its nature and draws on scientific, socio-cultural, economic, and digital innovation led knowledge. A strategic approach helps to recognize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of environmental, economic and social systems – in order to apply this power to provide new, resilient organizations and business solutions and to create real value.
As businesses are undergoing the journey through digital transformation to ensure that they don't get left behind,  it's imperative to integrate sustainability into their core structures, as well: to balance and positively impact the triple bottom line – and to stay relevant in the future.



You WANT TO UNCOVER YOUR TIMELESS PURPOSE? YOU WANT TO GROW YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR COMPANY’S IMPACT? YOU need strategic INSIGHTS and Want to offer your CUSTOMERS a value proposition that really fits OUR SOCIETY’S AND OUR PLANET’S needs? YouR BiGGEST Challenge is to start into a sustainable future?

I'll be pleased to help you.