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Britta Moser | Transformation Strategist

Britta M. Moser is an experienced digital digital strategist and experience consultant focussing on business anthropology, value branding and strategic conceptualization.


I’m a transformation strategist and cultural anthropologist who is driven to understand people and the dynamics you find in society and our communities. This holistic, transdiscipliniary and neo-generalistic approach is my foundation to identify meaning and make impact come to life in the world. I’ve spent working in media businesses and digital units since 2004: creating experiences, developing communities, managing platforms, designing digital services and running strategic think tanks as well as workshops. I’ve grown and managed brands that affect people and teams who wanted to achieve something authentic and great by bridging creativity, technology, and culture.

Since I started as an editor and then switched to business administration, I know both sides of the table by heart: the creative and socio-cultural approach as well as the corporate and marketing-focused roles. I have also switched from employee to manager to consultant and freelancer. Exploring and developing a companies’ sense of purpose and strategies - in the online and offline world - has always been my passion and I learned my craft whilst working for and with several media and product brands, corporates as well as SMEs and NGOs. With all these varied experiences and perspectives, I enjoy working with clients and projects I fully support. And one thing is always on my mind: looking for knowledge and strategies to increase understanding and impact.

I got a firm grasp of the current social and environmental issues landscape. And I care. I care about society, our environment and ethically responsible business, i.e. about human-centered approaches, diversity, transparency, integration, society & politics, new work, technological development, sustainable lifestyle, the planet, current and future generations. And since I'm deeply convinved that any innovation has to be sustainable by itself, it's my intention to not just create strategies and to develop mindsets, but to make them more relevant, more impactful and more helpful for a better world of tomorrow. My vision is a business world unleashing progress that has purpose, where intergenerative and intragenerative justice as well as equality and diversity are more than mere buzzwords.

My life story so far has taken me to interesting places where I was exposed to a wealth of cultures, empowering ideas and talented people. And since I believe in the value of collaboration of diversely gifted people, I enjoy working with a network of experts in their field, e.g. Robert Franken and equality consulting* in terms of digital leadership, diversity, and organizationel development. MindTheValue is a reflection of my way of working and the experience I’ve gained over my career as well as sharing my thoughts and conviction focussing on making businesses be distinctive, resilient and sustainably successful.

Right now I work with a selected number of clients on consultancy projects: from helping to identifying a companies' purpose to untangling our world’s complexity and strategic confusion as well as setting a clear, exciting vision and building resilience. If you have a project you think I can help with please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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My Professional Story at a glance

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